Cemeteries of Ennismore Township, Peterborough County, Ontario

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Perfect bound, 308 pages, indexed

Produced and Published by KARA in 2018

ISBN 978-1-897219-43-0


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Within the Township of Ennismore are three cemeteries, each one having its own unique history – Cemetery by the Lake, Pioneer Cemetery by the Church and St. Martin’s Cemetery. This release represents a compilation of headstone data with other historical documentation.  Over 300 pages.  Fully indexed

Names found in the 3 cemeteries include: Allen, Ayotte, Barrett, Brick, Calvert, Cavanagh, Costello, Damario, Doran, Dwyer, Egan, Esson, Fitzpatrick, Flood, Fraley, Galvin, Gorman, Guiry, Harrington, Herlihey, Hickson, Houran, Ilard, Jarvais, Johnson, Kaye, Kearns, Killen, Lamont, Leahy, Lomasney, Mahoney, McAuliffe, Moore, Murphy, Nice, O’Brien, O’Gorman, O’Sullivan, Owens, Perdue, Pluard, Quinlan, Reid, Russell, Scanlon, Scollard, Sullivan, Torpey, Traviss, Twomey, Whibbs, Young

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