Research Services

Research Services

Research Basic

$35.00 per hour

KARA Basic Research Service

All Basic Research Orders $35.00 per hour
Minimum of two hours.
Please purchase 2 units minimum.

Conducted in the following types of documents:

  • census and assessment,
  • newspapers,
  • directories,
  • local histories,
  • family histories
  • church records.

At Checkout, please use the “Order Notes” on your order to tell us the details of your research request. Thank you!

Research Detailed

$ 60.00 per hour

KARA Detailed Research Service

All Detailed Research Orders $ 60.00 per hour
Minimum of two hours.

Detailed Research incorporates the basic level of research with the following additional types of documents:

  • local land records
  • wills
  • complex newspaper searching
  • church records