Once Upon A Century - 100 Years Of The 'EX'


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The Canadian National Exhibition, while born in political protest, was founded upon a vital need of the community and its times – the encouragement of agriculture, manufactures, industry and commerce.

It is appropriate that the present Exhibition Place includes the site of the earliest local trading post.  In 1749 the French  erected a fortified trading post on the north side of Lake Ontario.  While officially named Fort Rouille, it was generally known as Fort Toronto, and was so marked on many maps.  In 1759 the Fort was burned by the French to prevent it from falling into the hands of the English.

Today, the site of this early trading centre is found in the south-west portion of the grounds, still over-looking the lake, and is marked with a cairn placed there in 1878, and a more imposing monument erected in 1888.

This book is full of pictures and documents a piece of history for 100 years – memories, transportation, buildings and gates, grandstand shows, midway magic, armed forces, big bands, and sports.



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