Peter Robinson’s Settlers


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This book is a review of the more than 2000 people who came to settle in Upper Canada in 1823 and 1825, the majority  in the Peterborough area in 1825 under the supervision of Peter Robinson.  Irish families, mostly of Catholic faith, left the Port of Cork, Ireland traveling to Quebec City aboard nine vessels. The ocean crossing took a month, considered a much improved sailing time for its day. After arriving in late June 1825, the families spent the next few months traveling both overland and by waterways to reach Cobourg and thence inland to reach Peterborough. Here the families encamped on the plain just below where the future town of Peterborough would grow into existence. From here they were assigned and settled onto their land grant properties.

This soft cover, perfect bound book details the names and ages of the settling families, the ship on which they traveled and the township and land on which they took up residence.

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