Gravestones of Glengarry Volume II

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Hard cover with dust jacket; 309 pages

Author: Alex W. Fraser, U.E.

Published in 1978

ISBN 0-919303-25-0


This volume is the second in the series called Gravestones of Glengarry. 

It deals with 5 cemeteries in the first and second concessions of Lancaster. 

Two cemeteries are located in South Lancaster, being ‘The Old Cemetery’ with 108 headstones  and St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church Cemetery with 230 headstones.

The St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church Cemetery consists of 187 headstones.  Then there is St. John’s Anglican Church Cemetery with 19 headstones.  Then the fifth one is St. Andrew’s United Church cemetery consisting of at least 350 headstones. 

Altogether these five cemeteries contain over 850 headstones, documented in this book.

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